Recent projects

Have a look over some of the work I've done lately.

Sesame Brochure

A fully responsive sales brochure website for a financial adviser network in the UK. Built on the DNN platform, with Bootstrap 4 as a basis for the styling. Hosted on Azure App Services, with Cloudflare to aid performance. This site incorporated a React and Redux based proposition builder, where the user would answer a series of questions in order to generate a custom sales brochure based on their requirements.

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Bankhall Online

A secure customer extranet built for Bankhall, who sell services to Financial Advisers in the UK. Built on the DNN Evoq platform, hosted on Azure App Services, with authentication handled by Azure AD B2C. Custom responsive theme based on Bootstrap 4. Features include video galleries, events management, and a compliance document library with a multi-level responsive navigation inspired by

The People Department

A secure customer extranet for a Human Resources company. A fully responsive, high performance and great looking site built on SharePoint 2010. Has a bespoke responsive theme, and makes heavy use of customised Content Query web parts, using XSLT to turn lists into responsive web content. Fully automated build and deployment of templates, branding and all other front end assets.


A sales brochure website for a mortgage club for financial advisers in the UK. Built on SharePoint 2013, making use of the new Design Manager to handle the branding assets. Features include a branded, filterable document library, a video gallery driven by Content Query Web Parts and XSLT, and a bespoke responsive theme based on Bootstrap 3.

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Suitability Letter Generator

This app is designed to allow UK-based financial advisers to construct a "Suitability Report", to document they've ensured a particular financial product is suitable for their customer. The user builds the document up using pre-built chunks of HTML content (pulled in over a server-side REST API). There is a real-time preview available of both each section of the document, and the full document. Once they're done, the document is uploaded to a generation service, which produces a Microsoft Word document for download. The app was built using React, with state managed with Redux. The app is fully responsive, having been styled using a customised Bootstrap 3 framework.

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