Olly Hodgson

Designer / Front-end developer / Mountain biker

Olly is…

Based on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada.

A designer and front-end web developer.

I've got masses of experience building fast, responsive, easy to use websites which work across a huge variety of devices, browsers, screens and input devices. I build things which are easy — to find, read, use, enjoy and remember. I build for the human beings who use the site, including the people who have to look after it when I'm done. I enjoy presenting my work and telling engaging stories.

A mountain biker.

The narrow ribbon of sinuous, beautiful singletrack, cutting through the trees, ever changing with the weather. That epic ride which takes you out to the middle of nowhere and back, just so you can see what the middle of nowhere looks like. The epic, endless, soul-destroying climb, followed by an epic, endless, soul-restoring view from the summit. That challenging technical feature you've never beaten before, defeated. That feeling of utter exhaustion, elation and achievement. The excitement of finding somewhere new. The high fives with your friends at the bottom of an amazing descent. The feeling of flow and joy, even on a trail you've ridden hundreds of times before.

All manner of other things.

You can reach me on or +1 (250) 650-9612‬. Perhaps grab my CV.

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