Olly is…

A 30-year old gentleman from Cheltenham, in the U.K.

A web designer.

He made this for a start. For Olly, a good design doesn't just look nice, it has to work well, too. User experience is everything.

A front-end developer.

He loves to work with browser technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript. He regularly works miracles, building responsive and performant websites in SharePoint. Secretly loves XML and XSLT.

A mountain biker.

He rides downhill, cross-country and almost anything in-between. He’ll ride day or night in almost all weathers. He even enjoys the odd epic race, taking in marathon downhills and 24 hour cross-country events.

All manner of other things.

You can reach him on or +44 (0) 7855 009 332. You can grab his CV in Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Word formats. You can find him at these fine establishments.

Olly is resident at these fine establishments: